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We are proud to offer a unique blend of expertise and patient-centered care for people in all stages of life and health. 

"Cultivated Touches goes beyond the physical to touch hearts as well." ♥

~Drawn to Helping People~

About Cultivated Touches
Tamisha Peterkin
Owner/Licensed Phlebotomist 


Tamisha Peterkin founded Cultivated Touches, her mobile phlebotomy business, in 2021. She has over twenty years of experience in the field of healthcare, including working with adults and children with special needs. Working with the top laboratories in the United States has provided Tamisha with extensive knowledge in the field of phlebotomy. She takes great pride in her work and specializes in drawing blood from infants and the elderly. 
Cultivated Touches LLC offers a unique mobile phlebotomy experience to women, men, and children in the comfort of their own residences. We are pleased to provide a safe and secure environment for our patients by prioritizing their safety and well-being. We are committed to making things simple for you by accommodating your preferences. We are committed to providing safe and painless experiences with our patients. 




Blood Testing, Urinalysis or Routine Labs
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Glucose Testing/ Timed Testing
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Coronovirus Testing 
Covid 19 & PCR
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Stat Bloodwork

We also offer services for geriatrics and special needs.

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Our Services
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